X-Chair X2 K-Sport Management Chair with Headrest and Elemax Cooling, Heating, & Massage Therapy Unit, “Gray”


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  • Lumbar support is intuitive, adjusting to your body as you move, allowing you to regularly shift in your chair and stay supported, energized, and comfortable
  • Infinite Recline promotes healthy, all-day movement, helping to increase circulation, energy levels and improve posture
  • Adjustable Backrest helps maintain your posture, providing comfort and support as it gently molds to the curve of your spine
  • 4-Way Armrests allow you to adjust the height, depth, width and angle
  • Adjustable Headrest is an upgradeable feature allowing you to adjust the height and angle for the support you need.
  • K-Sport Advanced Performance material features a breathable polymer fabric that keeps you cool and comfortable
  • Supports users up to 275 lbs 

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Finish: In the color: "Gray" Tight Mesh
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