X-Chair X-Tech Ultimate Executive Chair with Headrest and Cooling, Heat, & Massage Therapy Unit, “Navy”



  • ELEMAX Cooling, Heat, & Massage Therapy Unit – Dual fans to circulate the air around your lumbar, keeping your body temperature under control. With a quick press of a button, the fast-warming technology adds heat to your lumbar (up to 131 degrees Fahrenheit). With constant or variable pulse vibrations that resonate across your lower back to loosen stiff or sore muscles.
  • Constant or variable pulse vibrations resonate across your lower back to loosen stiff or sore muscles
  • Two massage intensity settings (gentle or powerful) add to your enjoyment and comfort
  • Brisa Soft Touch fabric promotes fresh air circulation
  • Independently Adjustable Headrest
  • Wheels provide a quiet-glide movement that can carry you across any surface, including hardwood, vinyl, carpet and more
  • Adjustable Backrest helps maintain your posture, providing comfort and support as it gently molds to the curve of your spine
  • 4-Way Armrests allow you to adjust the height, depth, width and angle without delay

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Condition: NEW!
Finish: In the color: "Navy" Gel Polymer Soft Touch Fabric - Can be ordered in 6 different finishes
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