iOO all mesh and fabric mesh combo


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Tilt Tension Control
The recline rate adapts to the weight of the user.
Tilt Lock
Locks out tilt function.
Back Angle Adjustment
Sets back angle for personalized comfort in a reclined
The back reclines in a preset ratio to the seat.
Seat Height Adjustment
Sets seat height to a desired position relative to the floor.
Waterfall Seat
The front of the cushion slopes to reduce pressure on the
back of the knees.
2.8″ Ratchet Back Height Adjustment
The backrest easily adjusts up or down relative to the seat for
personalized lumbar region support and comfort.
Seat Depth Adjustment
Adjusts seat depth relative to back.
Width Adjustable Arms
Adjusts arms in or out for proper ergonomic
Arm Height Adjustment
Adjusts arm up or down for proper ergonomic
Swivel Arm
Arm pads angle in or out for proper ergonomic
Arm Depth Adjustment
Arm pads slide forward or backward for proper
ergonomic positioning.