Steelcase Node Multipurpose Chair w/ Tripod Base & Work Surface, “Artic White”


  • The base of Node provides choice and versatility to meet the needs of different spaces and students. Pictured is the tripod base with casters and a swivel seat for quick and fluid movement and for storing of personal belongings.
  • The seat of Node is an easy-to-maintain flexible solution. For elevated comfort and aesthetics, perfect for long stretches of sitting in the classroom, lounge or student common areas.
  • The Node chair has an adjustable worksurface, providing a perfect fit for students of all shapes and sizes. The Node chair’s worksurface can be swung out or be pulled in to accommodate students for maximum comfort.

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Condition: NEW!
Finish: In the color: "Artic White" Seat w/ Platinum Base
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