Global Sidero Upholstered Armchair, “Granite Rock “

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  • Four-legged side chairs are “wall safe”. Rear legs hit the baseboard first leaving clearance between the back of the chair and the wall, saving both the chair and the wall from damage.
  • The rugged frame comes in a choice of Black, Tungsten, or Chrome finish.
  • Arms are wide and full length, offering support to help stabilize users as they sit or exit the chair. The gently curved arms are made from incredibly strong fiberglass reinforced nylon. Armless models are available.
  • Sidero is equipped with a polypropylene seat shroud that helps stabilize chairs when stacked and avoid frame imprints on upholstered seats

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SKU: 6900-UR20

Finish: In the color: Urban "Granite Rock" (UR20) Grade 1
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Multi-purpose seating with a sculptured look, featuring wide curved arms and a round tubular steel frame.